Earn crypto holding crypto in a simple way.

Introducing Strong Hands Program—the smartest way to hold your coins. The Bitcoin Rhodium's dividends program is an innovative use case feature, which rewards holders and stimulates new investment. Every 3 months you can earn a piece of 16072 XRC distributed through dividends for every program cycle.

Strong Hands Program rethinks everything about crypto holding. It represents all the things Bitcoin Rhodium stands for: simplicity, transparency, and privacy. Everything you should expect from a good PoW coin.

We wanted to make it as easier as possible. You can enroll into the program in no time and get a competitive interest rate that is among the highest in the industry.

In times when banks pay you negative interest and most dividends and stacking programs require you to lock your funds or even put it in custody risking everything Strong Hands Program is different. It is designed to make sure you actually enjoy your HODL journey.

How It Works

It is as easy as it sounds


Mine or Buy XRC

Multiple mining pools and exchanges available to obtain XRC


Hold for 3 Months

No specific actions need to be taken by the users to enroll in the program cycles


Get Your Dividends

Dividends will be automatically transferred to the same qualified addresses

Why Strong Hands Program

Find out why our dividends program is suitable for all investors looking for a passive income in crypto space



To receive a payout you have to do nothing but hold your coins for three month



After each cycle we publish a report with all the addresses and amounts qualified for the rewards



No registration or KYC required to enter the program. No need to send any coins first



All qualified holders get equal percentage on their holdings no matter of the amount in their wallets



You don't risk your funds. Coins always stay in your own wallet during the program


No commitments

We never lock your funds and you can opt out of the program any time you want

About Bitcoin Rhodium XRC

    Coin ticker XRC
    Max supply: 2,1 million coins
    Open source: YES
    Language: C#
    Bitcoin fork: NO
    ICO: NO
    Genesis block: October 20, 2018
    PoW Hash algorithm: x13
    Block time: 10 minutes
    Block size: 4MB
    Block reward: 2.5 XRC
    Halving: Every 210,000 blocks
    Reward after halving: 1.25 XRC
    Difficulty adjustment: Every 2016 blocks

Bitcoin Rhodium is NOT a fork of Bitcoin. It is a new crypto asset, simple and transparent, with long-term vision for investors and scarcity to help drive its value, built on a fast and secure blockchain with upcoming anonymization features.

The project started on December 1, 2017. Bitcoin Rhodium uses its unique blockchain with max supply of 2.1 million XRC. It is programmed in C# language and is POW only. Devs are honestly and steadily developing Bitcoin Rhodium’s Unique solutions for investors for the long-term. Bitcoin Rhodium will also join one of the anonymity spaces.

Visit bitcoinrh.org


completed cycles


xrc per quarter


xrc paid in total

Strong Hands Program in Numbers

Cycle Start Date End Date Payout 3-months ROI
1 January 1, 2019 April 1, 2019 8,036 XRC 1.52%
2 April 1, 2019 July 1, 2019 8,036 XRC 1.34%
3 July 7, 2019 October 1, 2019 8,036 XRC 1.15%
4 October 1, 2019 January 1, 2020 16,072 XRC 2.14%

Next cycle starts on April 1, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I participate in the program? Do I have to register somewhere?

To enroll in the program no specific actions need to be taken by the investors. No registration is required. An automatic snapshot of the individual balances will take place at the beginning and the end of every 3-month cycle (note that the closing snapshot for one cycle is also the opening snapshot for another cycle). All you have to do is to hold XRC in your own wallet between snapshots without any negative movements.

2. If I buy XRC today and hold it I will get dividends exactly in 3 months, right?

Well, not exactly. Program cycles have its own schedule. Usually it coincides with calendar quarters. So if you got XRC earlier you have to wait until the start of the next cycle to participate in the program.

3. What is the minimum amount of XRC I should hold to get dividends?

There is no minimum amount required. We do not discriminate anyone based on the size of their investment. Every holder gets same interest rate paid at the end of each cycle.

4. The program cycle has just ended but I didn't get my dividends?

Please note that dividends are disbursed within a window of 2 weeks after the end of each cycle. Another reason you didn't get your dividends is that you had an outgoing transaction during the cycle. Also after each cycle we publish a report and investors have a chance to check if all their addresses are included and send a feedback to the devs in case of a mistake.

5. Where does money for dividends come from? Are you issuing new coins to pay to holders?

The Strong Hands Program fund has fixed amount of coins and is covered by the 257,143 XRC (out of 840,000 XRC) unclaimed during the two initial airdrops back in early 2018 when Bitcoin Rhodium started as a free airdrop to Bitcoin holders.

6. How much will I earn?

There is no fixed rate for each cycle. Currently 16,072 XRC are being airdropped every 3 months so the final dividends rate depends on the sum of all coins held by investors.

7. Can I hold my XRC on an exchange and participate in the program?

No. You have to store it in wallet where you have access to your private keys. Full list of wallets suitable for the program can be viewed on the official website.

8. Can I move my funds after the opening snapshot happened and still get my dividends?

No. Any outgoing transaction even the tiniest one will automatically disqualify you from the program. Incoming transactions are safe and won't affect your program status.

9. Can I deposit more XRC to my wallet after a snapshot to get more dividends?

You can freely add more XRC to your wallet but the reward payment will be based on the address's initial balance on the time of an opening snapshot, regardless of whether any additional XRC were added to it. The XRC added to it, if any, does count for the following period's initial value.

10. What if I send couple of XRC out of my wallet but will return it back next day, will I be still qualified for the rewards at the end of the current cycle?

No you won't. For a given period, only addresses with no outgoing transactions will be rewarded.

11. I got XRC in my wallet after the snapshot was taken, can I still qualify for the dividends?

No you can't qualify for the current cycle in that case. XRC should be in your wallet before the snapshot and have at least one confirmation on the blockchain. Otherwise you have to wait for the beginning of a next cycle. An address with zero balance on the date of a snapshot gets no dividends no matter what.

12. I don't want to participate in the program any more, what actions should I take?

No action is required. You are in control of your wallet balance. No commitments.

13. For how long will the program last?

The program will continue until all 257,143 XRC are distributed.

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